About Cool Calm Collected

Cool Calmphoto 3-small Collected is an interior design store based in North Perth it is known for its striking mix of reinvented, vintage, antique and contemporary collections. Well edited selections of home wares and creative merchandising offer a cutting edge design experience.

Cool Calm Collected was established in late 2012 by brother and sister team Alex and Barbara Vintila. Inspiration for the design store stems from a shared love of the exotic and their desire to travel widely to many and varied locations, Alex and Barbara always take the road less travelled approach to all destinations.

Whilst both are Australians their ancestry Transylvanian (Romanian) and German gives rise to a mix of the theatrical with a healthy dose of Hanseatic restraint; the critical ingredients to any well designed space.

Barbara’s desire to expand her knowledge and tastes has lead her into a new career (former counselor and social worker) and what better way than to establish Cool Calm Collected with her brother Alex.

Alex is known Australia wide for his interiors and his detailed knowledge of textiles and their relevance to fashion and furnishings. He has worked and continues to develop textile design for the world’s leading design houses in France the UK, USA and Italy.  Alex now sources product globally to stock Cool Calm Collected. The stores look is one of constant reinvention offering clients and customers new experiences with every visit. They both look forward to welcoming you to Cool Calm Collected.